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Cellulite is a common (and annoying) concern. Combat cellulite head on with our Profound treatment. Our world-leading device uses radiofrequency current combined with needling to improve the dimpling associated with cellulite. Do you want firmer, smoother body skin? Who doesn’t!? Profound cellulite body treatment is what you’ve been looking for.

Our device uses the latest technology to target your cellulite. Radiofrequency current is deplolyed via needling deep under the skin where the cellulite is found. The combination of the RF current and skin needling causes just the right amount of tissue destruction to stimulate maximum smoothing results in the skin. Dimpling will improve and your skin will become firmer.
No. The Profound system is a doctor's only device that uses the latest technology to treat cellulite. Regular skin needling only uses plain needles on their own to puncture the skin and stimulate regeneration. With Profound, the needles are temperature-regulated. When the RF current is pulsed through them, the current will run for the right amount of time and heat the surrounding skin to the right temperature to achieve maximum results.
In order to have the Profound comfortably, the treatment area is numbed with local anaesthetic first. Once the area is numbed the treatment can commence and therefore is not painful. Downtime can be a few days of bruising and swelling in the area. Cold packs and soothing gel will help to reduce these symptoms. You can return to normal activities the next day.
To find out more about our cellulite treatment with Profound, please come into the clinic for a complimentary consultation and quote with one of our dermal therapists or nurses. Call the clinic now on 4041 5770.
What is the cost? Price on consultation.

The cost of Profound for cellulite varies depending on the body area being treated.