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Facial Capillaries

Do you see small red vessels on your face that you would prefer not to see? These are facial telangiectasias, or capillaries (commonly called 'broken capillaries'). These capillaries are very superficial and no longer needed for circulatory purposes. Therefore they are perfectly safe to be removed.

The most effective treatment option for facial capillaries is laser or IPL. These devices utilise energy from light to absorb into the vessel. The vessel is heated and shut down. The body then clears them away, leaving you with a clearer complexion.

Commonly these fine facial capillaries form around the sides of the nose, but are also common on the chin, or through the cheek area. These vessels may or may not be accompanied by the skin condition rosacea, which we also treat effectively with our IPL system.

Depending on the degree of visible vessels, you may need several treatments 4 weeks apart. Please understand, these vessels can re-form over time, therefore maintenance treatments are necessary. Reducing these facial capillaries can instantly improve your skin tone.

This varies depending on how much there is to be treated. Some vessels may clear up after just one treatment, while others may require more sessions. The larger the treatment area may also call for repeat treatment. Some facial veins, especially around the nose, will re-develop over time. This will require maintenance treatment from time to time.
Both devices work very well for facial capillaries. Upon assessment of your facial veins, your therapist will recommend which machine may be more suitable.
What is the cost? Variable

Pricing varies as each case is individual. All costs will be discussed and explained during your consultation.