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Leg Veins

Laser therapy for leg veins is a convenient way to reduce the appearance of red and blue vessels on the legs. These veins can be unsightly for both men and women of all ages; therefore many people wish to have them treated for cosmetic purposes. Laser treatment for leg veins is non-surgical, making it an ideal treatment option for busy individuals.

At our clinic we treat spider veins, not varicose veins. Our lasers can effectively remove the unsightly red and blue clusters of veins that appear on the upper and lower legs. Upon assessment from Dr Candler he may recommend alternative treatment options for more bulbous varicose veins.

Visible leg veins can have a negative impact on a person’s life. Fortunately our Nd:YAG lasers are capable of maintaining leg veins. Multiple treatments are necessary and because veins can re-appear, follow up sessions are recommended. Don’t cover up unnecessarily- get treatment at a professional clinic to improve the appearance of your leg veins.

Spider veins are the visible blue and red blood vessels that become apparent under the skin of the legs and feet. They are generally smooth to the touch and may appear as a singular vessel or within larger clusters. Often a deeper feeder vein will be responsible for the more obvious veins that we can see. In order for successful treatment we must ‘shut down’ the feeder vessel so it can’t keep creating more spider veins.
Yes. These dilated spider veins do have blood in them but they are actually not working properly. They are no longer part of the essential circulation and can therefore be safely removed.
We use Nd:YAG laser to safely remove leg veins. These lasers penetrate deep enough into the skin to reach the vessels. The energy of the laser will be absorbed by the vessel to coagulate the blood and ‘shut down’ the vessel. Over 6 – 8 weeks the body will recognise that the vessels have been treated and successfully remove them via natural pathways. Multiple treatments may be necessary, spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart.
We use ice sticks and cold air cooling to protect the surrounding skin. When the laser pulses into the area most people report feeling a flick, like a rubber band. Immediately following the treatment you may have redness and localised swelling. This subsides over the coming days. Over the next few weeks following your treatment the veins may have darkened. The body is signalled to remove these treated veins, so they will gradually fade over time. Bruising can occur, which clears in a few days.
What is the cost? Variable

Each case is individual and depends on how much there is to be treated. All costs will be discussed during your initial consultation.