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Green Toning Laser Rejuvenation

Green toning is a treatment using a laser at set parameters to even out skin tone, reduce pores and assist with firming. We use our Fotona QX MAX laser, a dual-wavelength machine that enables us to treat pigmentation, including sun damage and melasma, as well as reduce pore size and improve skin tone and texture.

Green toning can be performed on all skin types, and is predominantly targeting varying depths of pigment in the skin. It does so by lightly breaking up the pigment so the body can remove it via its natural pathways.

There is minimal discomfort or downtime with this treatment, but some pigment may initially darken. You may need a course of 4 treatments at monthly intervals, however melasma requires more sessions. Over the course of your treatments you will see a reduction in pigment and facial redness.

This is a comfortable treatment will minimal downtime, making it the perfect rejuvenation service for people with busy lives. Some pigment may darken, and you can have a mild pinkness straight after the treatment.  We apply mineral makeup allowing you to return to your usual activities.

What is the cost? Face from $300

Back of hands from $150
Packages available.