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Ablative Laser Procedures

Fully Ablative/ Fractional Laser

Laser resurfacing can treat everything from uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, pigment, sun damage, enlarged pores, scarring and firming.

We offer both fully ablative resurfacing that is performed in-house by Doctor Candler, as well as micro laser peels, which are customised, more superficial resurfacing treatments. Ablative laser peels are a favourable treatment option because they are performed very precisely. The outer layers of your skin will be vaporised away revealing a smoother, fresher skin underneath. Improves complexion, hydration, congestion, pigment, fine lines and texture.

We use our Fotona erbium YAG laser to remove the very fine outer layers of your skin. As we age, our skin is constantly battling moisture loss and collagen degradation. Ablative laser treatments replenish this moisture content while stimulating new collagen synthesis. This gives way to a smoother texture of the skin and a reduction in fine lines, superficial pigmentation, enlarged pores and other skin imperfections.

We also offer fractional laser, which is another great treatment for fine lines, enlarged pores, sun damaged skin and ageing skin. Rather than ablate the entire surface of the skin, fractional laser works by drilling fine micro-beams into the skin. In response, your skin will begin to tighten as it heals and compensates for the skin that has been removed. 

Fractional laser leaves intact skin around each micro-beam that it creates, heavily reducing the downtime of these treatments. Depending on your skin type and concerns, fractional laser treatments can be customised. Your downtime will be relevant to the strength of the treatment. 

Laser peels are a precise exfoliation procedure that at the same time uses thermal mechanisms to stimulate collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. The results are a clearer complexion, smoother texture and improvement in fine lines, pigmentation, congestion and hydration.

Fractional laser peels leave some skin intact to reduce downtime. Fractional laser removes fine micro-beams of skin, allowing the skin to tighten as it heals.
Any person wishing to smooth or brighten their skin can have a laser peel. Those seeking deeper anti-ageing treatments that improve deeper lines and wrinkles are more suited to a stronger ablative laser peel.
Laser peels are a great treatment option for fine lines, enlarged pores, superficial pigment, dehydration, rough texture and sun damage.

Your laser peel can be customised precisely to your skin on the day, making them suitable for most skin types. You may have a full ablative resurfacing, or fractional resurfacing.
You can expect a smoother, brighter complexion. Each person is different, and your treatment can be completely customised. Most people will have initial redness and warmth in the skin that lasts a few days. A deeper ablative laser peel could give you longer lasting redness accompanied by a few days of swelling.

Your skin will become quite dry in the days following your laser peel. When this dryness lifts off your underlying skin will be fresher, brighter, more hydrated and very smooth. Superficial pigment will start to fade and fine lines will improve. Some people may repeat the treatment as part of a course.
Because your laser resurfacing treatment can be precisely customised to your skin on the day, the down time is variable.
Micro laser peels are minimally invasive. You will have cold air blowing onto the skin which makes the treatment quite comfortable.

Deeper ablative treatments can bring slight discomfort, but we have pain relieving options including topical numbing cream that make them more comfortable.
Fractinal laser peels require topical numbing beforehand to make them more comfortable.

Your skin will be red when you leave the clinic, like you have sunburn. Depending on the severity of your treatment will depend how long you are flushed, usually it lasts for 1-3 days.
We strongly recommend you adhere to daily use of sunscreen and don't expose your face to the sun at all, even after the procedure.
This varies depending on your skin and your unique concerns.You may have a one-off treatment, especially if you are having a deeper laser resurfacing peel.

Fractional laser peels are usually recommended as a course. During your initial consultation we will discuss all suitable treatment options and devise a treatment program for you.
What is the cost? Variable

Each case is individual when it comes to laser peels. Micro laser peels are far more superficial than a deep ablative peel. Some treatments will require the Doctor to perform them, while others can be performed by our other trained professionals. All costs and treatment options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

If you are interested in a treatment that can help with fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, hydration, congestion and ageing please contact us and schedule a consultation.