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TwinLight™ Laser Rejuvenation

Why not try our revolutionary 3-in-1 Fotona laser treatment?
TwinLight™ fractional rejuvenation combines 3 synergistic laser applications that together restore skin firmness and a clearer complexion.

Combining deep heating effects of Nd:YAG to target firming and redness, and erbium YAG laser to lightly buff and smooth the surface of the skin. TwinLight™ treatment helps to even out surface irregularities to give smoother, clearer skin, while simultaneously stimulating collagen in the deeper layers to give complete rejuvenation.

Rather than just have 1 treatment that targets 1 concern, your TwinLight™ procedure is 3 treatments in 1, targeting multiple concerns.

An Nd:YAG beam is passed across the skin's surface. Deep heating effects stimulate collagen production to help with firming and fine lines. Spots and other irregularities are targeted to give way to a plumper skin with better tone. This non-invasive pain free step begins the cascading effects that lead to more collagen production.

An erbium YAG beam is then passed across the skin's surface. Unlike the previous step, erbium lasers are designed to remove superfical dead skin. Ablating this skin away gives rise to a clearer, smoother complexion. Improve your hydration and skin texture instantly. You will see improvements in superficial pigmentation and fine lines.

To complete a TwinLight™ procedure another erbium YAG beam will pass across the surface of the skin. This time the aim is to impart a light laser peel, or 'buffing' to the skin. Smooth out imperfections to brighten, refresh and smooth your skin.

The complementary effects of erbium and Nd:YAG lasers on the skin make TwinLight™ an excellent treatment option for many clients. Anyone wishing to restore a radiant glow to the skin will benefit from a TwinLight™ treatment.
It offers improvement in firming, tightening, fine lines and clearing your complexion. It is ideal for sun damaged and ageing skins. Some people may wish to have a course of TwinLight™ procedures, or they could combine a TwinLight™ with other services like fractional laser, skin needling and injectables.
TwinLight™ is a comfortable treatment to have done with minimal downtime. The effects of erbium YAG laser will mean you are flushed when you leave the clinic. This redness may last 1-3 days depending on your skin and the treatment on the day. You will experience some dryness in the days following your procedure.
We recommend you keep the skin well hydrated and wear sunscreen every day. TwinLight™ is minimally invasive, making it a great treatment option for people who wish to return to regular activities immediately.
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All costs and treatment options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.