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We can improve the appearance of many forms of scarring with our lasers, IPL and skin needling. Some scars are treated with ablative or fractional laser to blend in their colours, or tighten the skin. Others may be treated to have redness (caused by excess vascularity) reduced and improved. Atrophic scars, or indented scars, require treatment to stimulate new collagen growth in the area. This is performed with fractional laser or skin needling. 

We have many ways to address scarring. The end result is often improvement rather than eradication. Scars are permanent changes in the skin, therefore may not be able to be completely removed. Multiple treatments are required. 

Please schedule a consultation to discuss any concerns you may have in regards to scarring. We will advise you on your treatment options and discuss costs and expectations.

Stretchmarks Treatment

Stretchmarks are a common form of 'dermal scarring' that appear when the skin is rapidly stretched. This can be during puberty, pregnancy and weight or muscle gain. They can be problematic for both men and women, and can occur on any skin area.

Stretchmarks can further be classified according to their colour:

  • Red Stretchmarks
  • White Stretchmarks

Red Stretchmarks

Red-coloured stretchmarks are new. They will have recently formed in the skin and will start out as fine red irregular lines, but they evolve and become darker and redder, and sometimes wider.

TreatmentAs soon as you see stretchmarks you can begin treatment. Red stretchmarks have a vascular componenet, therefore some forms of laser and IPL will be useful. Certain lasers or IPL will absorb into the colour of the stretchmarks and begin to remodel the stretchmarks.  We can recommend specific creams at this time which may improve the overall results. 

White Stretchmarks

White stretchmarks are old. The red tinge has faded and now what you see is similar to an old scar. Some stretchmarks will fade very well and remain thin. Unfortunately though, some stretchmarks will only fade minimally, not matching the surrounding skin colour, and they may have widened.

TreatmentBeing old marks these can require more treatments to get results. Creams will be less helpful with white stretchmarks, and the best treatment options are fractional laser or skin needling. Both of these modalities will work to contract the skin to improve the texture and appearance of the stretchmarks. They also stimulate new collagen growth which further improves the tone and texture of skin with stretchmarks.

Both types of stretchmarks can be treated. Multiple treatments are necessary, and the aim of these treatments is to gain overall improvement of the area. Please understand full removal of stretchmarks may not be possible in all cases.

This will vary depending on the type of scarring or stretchmarks you have, and what treatments we can perform. In all cases multiple treatments are necessary.
What is the cost? From $100

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Pricing will vary according to what treatments you may need.
All costs and treatment options will be discussed with you during your consultation.