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Vascular & Pigmented Lesions

A large number of men and women all over the world suffer from disorders of the blood vessels (vascular lesions). These can be of various types ranging from spider veins to large port wine stains. Another common problem is benign pigmented lesions that are sometimes genetic, or may be caused by physical damage like sunburn, injuries and the natural effects of aging.

These lesions can vary in size, colour and depth in the skin. It’s important to ensure any lesions are not malignant before removing it, so a consultation with one of our Skin Doctors means you’re in safe hands.

Laser & IPL

We use both our Ellipse IPL system and our Fotona lasers to address vascular concerns and pigmented lesions. We can safely and effectively treat all body areas, and help you achieve a clearer complexion. We are able to treat everything from sun spots, freckles, melasma and birthmarks to leg veins, facial veins, hemangiomas and port wine stains.


Vascular lesions and Port Wine Stains

Vascular lesions are the result of numerous or large vessels that form directly underneath your skin. These lesions occur in many sizes and shapes and can be found all over the body. They occur in a variety of forms including port wine stains, telangiectasia (‘broken capillaries’), diffuse redness, hemangiomas and cherry angiomas. You no longer have to accept them as a price for growing older or as an accident of birth.


Rosacea can be irritating and your doctor may have asked you to keep a diary to help identify what triggers make your condition worse. Most commonly, treatment deals with the diffuse redness found in the early stages of rosacea, but the individual vessels that develop later can also be treated. Treatments are most efficient in patients with light skin who are not suntanned at the time of the treatment; however our market leading Ellipse system can be set to suit all skin types.


Pigmented lesions

We associate an ageing skin with mottled pigmentation, and this is predominantly exacerbated by sun exposure. Some people may also have pigment they were born with that they wish to remove. Pigmented lesions come in many different shapes, sizes and colours and are often referred to as age spots, liver spots, sun spots or freckles. At Skin Alert we can treat these while helping you maintain a younger and fresher look.


Melasma is a pigment disorder that is commonly seen on the face. It follows distinct patterns and is often symmetrical with ‘lacey’ borders. Melasma can present as larger pigment marks on the skin and people often wish to have it treated. There are hormonal factors associated with melasma and it can be worsened with certain treatments so it must be treated with care.

At Skin Alert we can use our Fotona QX MAX laser to gently treat melasma. Unlike traditional pigment treatments, melasma is treated without a primary heating mechanism, rather a ‘photo-acoustic’ effect, which works by breaking up the pigment so the body can remove it via natural pathways.

Age Spots

Age spots are the markings that start to appear on our skin as we get older. The technical term is a seborrheic keratosis. These 'seb k's' are a common concern for men and women of all ages. They can be quite raised with a variation of colours ranging from very pale to very dark brown. They may or may not feel dry. Seb k's are not cancerous, but can, for many people, be of cosmetic concern. 

We have multiple options for seb k treatment. We can shave or freeze if need be, but we also like to use our lasers or IPL. Other clinics may suggest only to cut or freeze them away, sometimes leaving unsightly scars. Our laser and IPL treatments offer an effective way to remove age spots with minimal trauma to the skin, and therefore less chance of scarring.

Age spots can be removed anywhere on the face or body. If you or anyone you know would like to actively treat their age spots, book an appointment with Dr Candler today.

Laser and IPL treat vascular and pigmented lesions (except melasma) through a process called ‘photo-thermolysis”. This means that the laser/ IPL energy is delivered into the skin and absorbed by a desired target- in this case the blood in a vessel or the pigment in a lesion. The energy is then converted to heat within the target that ultimately breaks the target down. Pigmented lesions will often darken in colour and then slough off over the next 14 days, while vessels will either blanch on the spot, or also darken and be removed over the next few weeks.

When treating melasma we don’t want to deliver this heat because heat is often a trigger that worsens the condition. In this case we use the same method for tattoo removal whereby the pigment is mildly broken into tiny pieces by the laser so it can be removed by the body. The pigment can slightly darken, but not as much as other pigment treatments.

Depending on what vascular or pigmented lesions we are treating you may need a course of treatments at set intervals. It is imperative that you wear SPF 50 every day and keep the treated area out of the sun before, during and after your visits.
In some cases topical numbing creams are required. Many patients describe the treatments to be tolerable, feeling a flick from a rubber band followed by a warming sensation similar to the gentle warmth after a day on the beach.
What is the cost? Variable

Prices vary due to size of area being treated and what machines are being used. During your initial consultation all pricing information will be discussed with you.