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Advanced Photodynamic Therapy- unique to Skin Alert

Dr Candler prides himself on performing ‘advanced PDT’ treatments at Skin Alert. The results we achieve are fantastic. Clearer, smoother skin with a reduction of sun-damage and blemishes. Clear away rough, dry patches and scaly blotches. Restore your youthful, fresh-faced complexion.

PDT is a medical treatment to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. It can be performed on all face and body areas to revitalise damaged tissue.

What does PDT involve? Your skin is prepared, light-sensitive cream is then applied to the skin. As the cream absorbs into your skin LED light irradiates the area to activate the cream. The cream then selectively destroys abnormal cells.

At Skin Alert Dr Candler takes PDT to a new level and performs an advanced treatment utilising our lasers. For enhanced penetration of the PDT cream, we first prepare your skin with a light laser peel. The end result is a better cosmetic outcome with less sun damage.

PDT is an excellent treatment for so many of the skins we see here at Skin Alert. Anyone that has had years of sun exposure is a candidate for PDT.

If you would like to know more information, schedule a consultation with Dr Candler today. Please phone 4041 5770.

Read our Photodynamic Therapy webpage here.

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