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Negative side effects of Roaccutane to treat acne: is it worth it?

Acne is one of the most prevalent conditions found around the world, affecting mainly teenagers, but adults also.

What causes acne and late onset acne in adults? There are many contributing factors- lifestyle, diet, stress, hormones, genetic links, the wrong skin products, naturally oily skin, our environments…..

There are also many treatments to fight acne. The most serious of those being the drug roaccutane. It does have a place, but should ONLY be considered in completely non-responsive cystic acne cases. Otherwise, treatments like skin peels, Theraclear, laser, topical/ oral antibiotics, skin care, diet advice and lifestyle changes should all be attempted first.

Here at Skin Alert we offer all of the above treatments for acne with great results. Acne is a challenging skin condition, but it is so rewarding seeing out patient’s skin improve week after week with our treatments.

We found this article fascinating to read- it highlights the potential adverse effects of using the drug roaccutane. Links to depression have been noted.


Think twice before you consider taking roaccutane. Let us help you treat your acne with other methods that don’t pose the same health risks.

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