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O Cosmedics Peels for Skin Rejuvenation

Do you want smoother, clearer, brighter skin? And do you want to achieve this through treatments that give you zero downtime so you can continue on with your daily activities? O Cosmedics peels are great treatments for improving the health and vitality of your skin.

Our skin needs regular, moderate exfoliation to keep it smooth and radiant, free of clogged pores and surface dryness. The skin can easily take an a dullness when it hasn’t been exfoliated properly. We love and recommend O Cosmedics peels to keep your skin in top condition.

O Cosmedics peels offer a peel to suit all skin types from oily, dehydrated, sluggish, sensitive or mature. They contain a balanced combination of fruit enzymes and acids to digest away clogging and impurities in the skin, and remove the build up of dry, dead skin cells. The outcome is more radiant, smoother, fresher skin.

O Cosmedics peels not only exfoliate away excess skin cells, they also stimulate the skin’s circulation, bringing a rush of blood to the surface which in turn delivers nutrients and oxygen. Within 24 hours after having an O Cosmedics peel your complexion is clearer due to this. The treatment also includes an alginate peel-off mask at the end- a perfect way to calm and replenish the skin with moisture.

We love O Cosmedics peels. They are the perfect maintenance skin treatment, and give great results, especially when combined within a skin regime that includes laser, IPL or needling treatments. More information on O Cosmedics peels on our peels page.

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