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What Actually Works To Tighten PORES? Don’t Believe Everything You’re Told!

We all have visible pores. These pores are natural and are there to excrete our sweat and oils. But some of our pores enlarge over time and for some reason, we don’t like the look of it! Can pores be tightened? YES! However, it’s not as easy as you think. Read on to find out what really works to shrink your pores.

You may have seen an ad on television about a miracle cream that will shrink your pores and firm your skin and and and…….!! We wish this product actually existed, but it doesn’t!

Enlarged pores can be treated, but its going to take more than just a cosmetic cream. We all have millions of pores on our face (200-300 per square cm can you believe!) and these tiny openings excrete natural oils to protect the skin, as well as release sweat to cool us down. Pores aren’t just a hole on the surface, they are miniscule columns that travel down to our deeper layers.

So to actually refine the skin and tighten these pores, we need to utilise our lasers, skin needling and other devices. You can start by having a microdermabrasion- this helps to remove unwanted dead skin cells that clog our pores and make them look bigger. Once your skin is clean and free of excess debris, we can perform a series of laser or skin needling treatments that will tighten your pores.

You will require a course of treatments that gradually improve your skin every time. After each treatment your skin will feel firmer and look more refined. If you would like to know how we can help you refine your pores and improve your skin texture, book in for a complimentary skin consult with Visia images. One of our trained dermal therapists will tell you all you need to know

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