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Chemical Peels and Your Skin

We all think of something different when we hear the words “chemical peels”. Some people imagine red, burning faces, other people think chemicals, and others think of refreshed skin. We can use chemical peels in many different ways to keep your skin in check. Here’s what we think when we talk about chemical peels.

Chemical peeling is a method of skin exfoliation. Certain exfoliating acids or retinoids are used to remove unwanted surface skin. Depending on the type of peeling agent used, chemical peels can be used to treat many skin concerns.

For example, we love using salicylic acid for acne skins. The salicylic is anti-inflammatory (so great for reducing pimples), and it also has the ability to remove and reduce excess oils on the skin. This allows it to penetrate into the blocked pores and reduce blackheads and other acne lesions.

We like using our glycolic acid for pigmentation and sun damage. This is because glycolic acid penetrates deeply into the skin to remove surface layers of pigment and sun damage. After a course of glycolic acid peels your skin will be refreshed and have less pigment. Glycolic acid can also be used to treat fine lines, making it a fantastic treatment for general anti-ageing.

Lactic acid is another popular exfoliating agent that is used to remove unwanted surface skin cells while at the same time increasing hydration in the skin. This makes lactic acid ideal for treating ageing and dehydration.

We can also use vitamin A in a chemical peel. Unlike the other exfoliating acids used, vitamin A will work from the inside out. The vitamin A will penetrate deeply into the skin to increase collagen production and plump the skin. It is a great option for general anti-ageing.

We stock a range of chemical skin peels. Even after one peel your skin will feel instantly soft. After a course of treatments you will start to see more change in your skin. We love combining our skin peels with other treatments like laser, injectables, skin needling and LED light therapy to really give your skin the WOW factor. Peels are also a great maintenance treatment- having regular skin peels will keep your skin looking its best.

Let us assess your skin and recommend the right regime for you- including which chemical peels we can use to give you the best skin possible!

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