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Dr Candler treats snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms with laser

Does your partner keep you awake at night with their snoring? Maybe you keep yourself up and wake up tired due to lost sleep?! Snoring is such a common condition, but there is a safe and effective treatment option out there! Our laser treats both snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms.

How does it work? Our erbium laser heats up the tissue at the back of the throat to cause contraction. When your tissue contracts you will notice you get a better sleep with less interruptions. This is because the tightened tissue reduces the symptoms of snoring.

Dr Candler has been treating men and women with our laser for snoring with great results. Most people have 2 or 3 treatments one month apart, however 1 treatment may be enough.

Results are long lasting, with maintenance treatments recommended in future years if symptoms worsen again.

What to do next? If you are interested in our snoring and sleep apnoea treatment please book a consultation with Dr Candler on 4041 5770.

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