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Finally, A Viable Solution for Urinary Incontinence

Natural events like ageing and childbirth change women’s bodies. Some of these adaptations leave women with issues like urinary incontinence and vaginal relaxation that can be a nuisance. We now offer laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Too often women are too embarrassed to talk about such issues, instead they just put up with the daily inconveniences. Nearly half of all women suffer from urinary incontinence, and up to 80% of women will go through vaginal tissue relaxation.

Now there is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option to treat both vaginal laxity and incontinence. Our Fotona SP Dynamis laser uses traditional laser technology in a new way. The laser has a gentle heating effect on the collagen within the vaginal walls and the urethra. This heating leads to re-alignment and new growth of collagen, which ultimately results in thickening and tightening of the area to improve laxity and urine loss.

We have many satisfied patients who have had our Fotona IncontiLase treatment. We are the first clinic in Cairns to offer such a treatment, and have been offering this service since 2015. If you have been living with the nuisance of urinary incontinence, contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr Candler or one of our Nurses. They will talk you through the procedure, and answer any questions you may have. Achieve long-lasting results with just 2 treatments. Future maintenance treatments may be beneficial to combat the natural ageing process.

Click here fore more information on our vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

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