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FracTat: The Latest Advancement in Tattoo Removal

Those with a tattoo know how painful it can be getting inked….but it can be even worse when you want to REMOVE a tattoo. We are happy to offer you FracTat: the latest adancement in laser tattoo removal.

No matter how big or small, there is always someone wanting to remove an unwanted tattoo. Your circumstances may have changed over time, and ink that you once loved just may not be your style anymore. Or you may need to remove it for work reasons. Whatever the case, we can help.

Lasers are the best way to remove tattoo ink. Specialty machines with very high peak power ranges are able to shatter the ink into tiny particles so that the body can then remove them via our lymphatics system. After each treatment the ink will fade more and more.

FracTat is the newest technique in removing tattoos. Before breaking up the ink with our Q-switch laser, we use a separate laser and perform some fractional ablation- we drill micro columns into the skin first. Then we sweep over the area to shatter the ink. The result is a better and faster clearance of tattoo ink. Don’t worry, topical numbing cream and cool air mean you are totally comfortable for the whole thing.

Fractat is the best way to remove tattoo ink. It is safe for all skins, and can be performed on all types of tattoos. Want to know more? Click here.


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