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Get Checked for Skin Cancer

Early detection and appropriate management is the best approach to dealing with skin cancer. A skin check could save your or a loved one’s life. Have you got any spots that concern you? Perhaps they have changed recently. Or there could be spots you can’t even see- let our doctors do the work.

Regular skin checks are so important for people living in Australia, particularly Far North Queensland. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and the best line of defense in reducing the dangers of skin cancer is to have a skin check.

Some people are at higher risk and need to be checked every 3- 6 months. Others are recommended for an annual check up. Appointments are quick, but they could save your life. A comprehensive, head to toe check up only takes 15 minutes. Our doctors will assess your skin and look closely for any lesions that may seem suspicious.

From a skin check you may be given the all clear until your next recommended appointment. However, if anything pops up to your surprise in between these appointments, you can always come in for an emergency spot check. Have one less worry in your life and book a skin check today.

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