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Give Acne the Boot!

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the world- and anyone whose had it knows they would do whatever it takes to get rid of it. Here at Skin Alert we have all the latest technologies to successfully treat and manage acne.

There is no silver bullet in the treatment of acne. It’s a complicated skin disorder that needs to be properly assessed so that the right products and treatments can be recommended for you. What works for your best friend or sibling may not work for you, and vice versa. This makes acne a constant challenge. But at Skin Alert we see great results when we prescribe a customised treatment plan to our patients.

It must start with an initial consultation. This is vital for your therapist or nurse to be able to understand your unique background concerning your acne. We will take Visia photos so we can clearly see what is happening with your skin on the surface and below.

From here you will be recommended skin care products that actually work to improve your acne. It is vital that you use the right products, otherwise your acne may not start to clear. After we have spoken about products we will talk to you about the different treatment options. We can use our Theraclear device, lasers, IPL, skin peels and specialty creams to treat your acne. Achieve clearer skin with a course of blended treatments. Let us help you get your fresh face back and give acne the boot!.

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