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IPL is our preferred treatment for rosacea and facial redness

Does the tropical heat make you flush uncontrollably? Maybe exercise leaves you red-faced? Or maybe your fair skin means you always look a little flustered…

We successfully treat facial redness with our industry-leading IPL machine. IPL can also treat pigmentation, hair reduction and fine lines.

You may have the common skin condition rosacea- facial redness that may or may not be associated with pimple-like lesions. Your rosacea may flare when you eat spicy foods or go out in the sun.

IPL works by absorbing into the facial redness to fade it. Following your treatment you will be slightly more red than usual and your skin will feel warm. This fades over a few hours, then over the next few weeks you will notice your redness start to fade.

We like to see you one month later to decide whether or not you need additional treatments. In some cases one treatment is successful. If you continue to look after your skin with good skincare and sun avoidance, results can last years.

If you suffer from facial redness, rosacea or red sensitive skin, we can treat you with our IPL system. If you think this is the treatment for you, please come for a complimentary consultation with our dermal therapist.

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