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Is Snoring a Problem In Your Bedroom?

Did you know that around 20 percent of the population snore regularly at night? And up to 70 percent of men and women snore at some point in their lives! Snoring is a common issue that can lead to sleep deprivation. We have your snoring and sleep apnoea solution: laser treatment.

When we sleep, the muscles in the back of our throat relax and vibrate. As we inhale and exhale air, the vibrations of these relaxed muscles let off the unique (and sometimes very loud) sound of snoring. Those suffering from sleep apnoea are actually at risk because their breathing intermittently stops because of the relaxed muscles. They may be recommended to wear bulky head gear to make sure they keep breathing, but this is impractical and often uncomfortable to wear.

Men and women can now seek non-invasive laser treatment to improve their snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms. Dr Candler uses his Fotona SP Dynamis laser to gently warm and subsequently tighten the tissues at the back of the throat. The treatment is made comfortable with the use of an anaesthetic spray, so patients only feel a gentle warming effect. You can go back to your regular activities immediately, including eating and drinking.

Dr Candler has successfully helped many of his patients reduce their snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms. He recommends 2-3 treatments spaced about a month apart. If snoring is a problem in your bedroom, schedule a consultation with Dr Candler today. Read more here.

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