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Let Us Help You Manage Your Acne

Acne. We all know someone affected by this very common skin disorder. Teenagers and adults alike often complain of acne blemishes and want them gone. Acne requires a multi-faceted approach in its management, combining the right products and treatments to re-balance the skin.

Acne has many causes, and this can make it challenging to overcome. But there are many proven ways to improve acne and manage it. When you first come to Skin Alert for an acne consultation, we will want to understand the history of your acne. How long you’ve been suffering with it for, if it runs in the family, what you are currently doing to manage it, lifestyle habits and other information. When we have a better understanding of your skin we can start to recommend the types of products and treatments you will need to improve the acne.

We take diagnostic images with our visia machine to assess your oil flow, skin bacteria and hydration. From these images we can identify further what treatments will help you improve your skin.

Alongside a skincare regime, we will treat your acne with a combination of possible treatments. Our TheraClear and Laser devices are some of our most advanced and popular modalities. The TheraClear machine works via vacuum suction to encourage clogs to release from the skin, as well as pulsed light to kill of any bacteria. Our Lasers work to heat up the skin to reduce inflammation and ‘dry up’ active pimples. We can also use light ablative laser techniques to smooth the skin, reduce blackheads, and assist with scarring.

As well as these 2 main devices, we have chemical peels, microdermabrasion and LED, and if required, the doctor can prescribe topical antibiotics or tablets.

No referrals are necessary. Let us help you achieve clearer, smoother, blemish-free skin. If you would like to treat and manage your acne, schedule a consultation with one of our dermal clinicians today.

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