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Make up that wears beautifully AND is good for your skin? Young Blood Minerals

Traditional make up really only served the purpose of covering up the flaws we saw on our skin. A lot has changed in the make up world and now you can buy sophisticated, mineral liquid foundations and powders that cover your flaws, highlight your natural beauty AND improve your skin! Containing SPF, are non-pore clogging and free of ‘nasties’ like parabens, talc and artificial fragrance and colour. Now you can wear your Young Blood make up knowing that it is a true extension of your skincare regime, all working together to give you better skin.

Do you want that effortless “I woke up like this” look? Then you need Young Blood make up. This all mineral make up range has a luxury formulation that is long lasting, and the milling process gives you a foundation that perfectly reflects light off your skin to give you that healthy, radiant glow.

Not all mineral make up formulations are made equal. Young Blood is a cut above the rest. Originally formulated for clients to apply after having harsh cosmetic treatments like laser and peels, it is safe enough for even the most sensitive skins. Acne sufferers can wear Young Blood every day knowing that it isn’t making their breakout worse; people suffering with rosacea can cover their redness in an instant, and people prone to allergies are less likely to have a reaction to Young Blood Cosmetics (because it doesn’t include so many of the commonly known irritants).

Young Blood is a full make up range with a product to suit everyone. We love their hydrating liquid mineral foundations for full coverage wear that lasts all day.

We also love their soft radiance mineral powders that have buildable coverage so you decide how much you want to cove up. Mineral powder can be used on its own, otherwise gives you that picture perfect finish when applied over the top of your liquid foundation.

Why Young Blood?

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Artificial colour-free, Young Blood only contains natural mineral pigments
  • Light-reflecting properties for that flawless finish
  • Long lasting
  • No mineral oils
  • SPF properties from titanium dioxide

Don’t settle for anything else. Young Blood wears beautifully, feels light and hydrating on the skin and gives you that flawless finish. Come in today for a colour match to find your shade.

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