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The Perfect Winter Treatment – IPL Photofacials

Winter time in the tropics is not far off. Although it never really gets that cold here, we naturally have less sun exposure on our skin making it the ideal time to have IPL photofacials to treat pigmentation and redness. Achieve a clearer skin tone and more even complexion with a course of IPL photofacials this winter.

Over the summer months here in Far North Queensland our skin gets a strong dose of UV exposure. This consistent sun naturally tans our skin overall, at the same time darkening the freckles and other pigment spots on our face, neck and chest. Paler skins may also notice that they have more redness in their face at this time, especially on the cheeks and nose. Here at Skin Alert we find one of the best ways to treat this pigment and redness is with our IPL.

IPL works to correct pigmentation and reduce redness. Therefore we can use it to even out someone’s skin tone. Sun spots can be lightened and flushed cheeks can be reduced. The overall effect is a clearer complexion.

We recommend a course of IPL treatments to successfully treat an uneven skin tone. Winter is a great time to do this as your skin is more easily protected from the sun (you must stay out of the sun when having IPL treatments). IPL photofacials are an excellent treatment for the face, but also the neck and chest (commonly a problem area for many people!).

If you would like to refresh your skin this winter, why not have a course of IPL photofacials? Book a consultation today!

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