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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

You may have heard about the ‘Vampire facial’ or read our previous blog posts on the use of PRP for hair restoration and even breast lifts. Today we focus on PRP for skin rejuvenation.

What exactly is PRP therapy you might be wondering? Platelet-rich plasma treatments involve making high quality serum from your own blood. Typically blood is drawn from the arm just like when you have a regular blood test. The blood is then spun through a centrifuge which separates the red and white blood cells from the plasma (the liquid portion of our blood).

It is this plasma serum, rich in platelets, that gets re-injected into our skin. The serum is a cocktail rich in essential growth factors that stimulates healing and rejuvenation.

We can’t isolate these growth factors any other way and because they come from our own bodies, our skin accepts them and starts to rejuvenate immediately. A course of PRP treatments can improve many signs of aging- fine lines, skin texture and firmness. We also combine our PRP with skin needling to  boost your results. Once the PRP has been injected into the treatment site, we needle with our Dermstamp device over the top of it to encourage further firming effects and collagen stimulation.

The overall result is firmer, stronger, more youthful skin. We also love to customise a treatment regime for you and combine PRP treatments with fractional laser and IPL for complete rejuvenation.

Curious if PRP is the right treatment for you? Would you like a customised treatment regime designed just for you? Book a consultation with one of our doctors, nurses or dermal clinicians today.

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