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The Power of Exfoliating Acids

What is the secret to smooth, radiant, glowing skin? It’s all in your exfoliation. The best way to maintain your healthy glow is with regular use of AHAs.

These exfoliating acids keep the surface layer of your skin soft and smooth. They do this by removing the build up of dead, dry skin cells. By doing this, your skin takes on a smoother feel and a brighter, more even complexion.

AHAs are the main ingredient in cosmetic chemical peels, but we also have a range of take-home skin care products with mild percentages of acids that help to keep your skin looking fresh.

Some of our favourite cleansers that have exfoliating properties are O Cosmedics Corrective Cleanser, Cosmedix Purity Clean and Allmedic Face & Body Cleanser. These 3 cleansers all have a dual action on the skin – they give you a deep cleanse while lightly refining the skin each time you cleanse.

One of our most popular AHA moisturisers is the Allmedic Skin Repair. This can be used on the face and body and will smooth and refine the skin. Your skin will be noticable softer and brighter after a few weeks. As a bonus, AHAs are also great in the fight against acne, so by using them you will achieve a clearer complexion free of blemishes.

We love and recommend products with AHAs to maintain our client’s skin in optimal condition. Your skin will have more of a healthy glow when you start using exfoliating acids.

Come in today and see how using AHAs can help you with better skin!

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