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Am I Ready For Cosmetic Injectables?

When done right by a skilled practitioner with an art for injecting, no one will know that you’ve had cosmetic injectables. This is great work! You want people to notice that you’re looking refreshed and fabulous, without being able to tell what you’ve had done…

Cosmetic injectables can give you seemingly instant satisfaction! Luscious lips, plump cheeks, fading lines; these are all achievable with injectables. Your practitioner has to possess the knowledge, skills and art at injecting. You want your injectables to look natural. The over-done look is all too common. We prefer our patients to keep their friends guessing!

We believe the purpose of injectables is to enhance your natural beauty. Restore lost volume to the face with filler and fade frown lines and other wrinkles with anti-wrinkle injections. We like our work to go undetected. It is possible to achieve natural-looking, tasteful results with cosmetic injectables.

For quotes and other information regarding our injectables, please schedule a consultation with Dr Candler or RN Elizabeth today.

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