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Skin Alert doctors are the leading professionals when it comes to skin cancer

Skin Alert are leaders in their field for the treatment and management of skin cancer. We service patients in Cairns and the surrounding areas. Our doctors are here for you and the long term management of your skin.

At Skin Alert our doctors provide full skin checks where they will look over your skin carefully from head to toe. They use photos to document changing moles, and dermatoscopes to look at your skin under magnification.

Regular skin checks save lives. Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world. This is not a statistic we are proud of. Thousands of people die each year from skin cancer. Those who have regular skin checks highly reduce the rate of needing invasive surgery down the track.

Our doctors take great pride in the work they do. They have many treatment options for skin cancer treatment, ranging from freezing, specialty creams, surgery and photodynamic therapy.

Don’t trust just anyone, have confidence knowing you are coming to the local specialists at Skin Alert. Book your skin check today. Call us on 4041 5770.

Want more information? Visit our full skin check webpage here. Visit our PDT page here.

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