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Skin Alert offers Advanced PhotoDynmaic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a medical skin treatment to improve moderate to severe sun damage, and it can be used to target inflammatory acne and aged skin as well. In the clinic we specialise in PDT and have made improvements to the standard treatment. We offer advanced PDT to help you achieve the results you want.

With so many treatments on offer it can be confusing to work out what you should be having done. In the clinic we offer a range of treatments for both skin cancer and cosmetic purposes. One of those treatments, PDT, can offer solutions for both the cosmetic and skin cancer patient. PDT is a medical treatment that works by using a light-sensitive cream which is then exposed to light. This exposure time allows for the cream to be activated and start to renew the skin. Blemished skin, sun damaged skin and aged skin can all be improved. We perform most of our PDT treatments for skin cancer, with the added significant cosmetic benefits to the patient.

The results we achieve with PDT speak for themselves. Dramatically reverse sun damage and sun-induced ageing. Work towards a more even skin tone, reducing a mottled appearance.

Want to know more? There is downtime associated with this treatment, and you will need a consultation with Dr Candler first to see if you are a good candidate for PDT. Schedule a consult today and get informed. Below is a genuine before and after photo of one of Dr Candler’s patients following advanced PDT treatment.

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