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The Benefits of Skin Needling (CIT)

Have you heard about skin needling but don’t know if it’s the right treatment for you? With so many treatments on the market it can be hard to decide which one you should have. Today we focus on the many benefits of skin needling and tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic treatment.

Skin needling, or derma-rolling, use devices that prick transient micro-punctures into the skin. This action is considered to be ‘controlled trauma’, and your skin will respond to this stimulation by producing new collagen. Therefore professional skin treatments are considered as CIT- collagen induction therapy.

Due to this formation of new collagen, skin needling is an obvious choice for firming, improving fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and some types of scarring and acne scarring. The best thing about skin needling is that it is safe for all skin types!

In the clinic we use the Dermastamp machine. The penetration depth of the needles goes up to 2mm. For collagen induction you need to reach at least a depth of 0.5mm. You can buy home-rollers to a depth of 0.25mm which are great to increase your product penetration.

For best results, a course of treatments is always recommended.

In terms of downtime, you will be very red on the day of the treatment, but this fades quickly and by the next day there is minimal pinkness, so you can return to normal life. You don’t need to schedule any downtime for skin needling, except for the afternoon of the day you have treatment. Your skin will be numbed prior so you also feel almost nothing.

We even combine our skin needling with other services like micro and peels, serum infusion and LED to boost your results further. Skin needling is a fantastic treatment option for anyone seeking skin rejuvenation. A course of treatments will give you firmer, more radiant skin.

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