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The Links between Diet and Acne

Have you ever enjoyed some chocolate and noticed a few pimples the next morning? Or maybe you had a few alcoholic drinks and then woke up feeling like you looked half as good as you did the day before. This happens because your skin can be very easily stirred up by what you do or don’t eat or drink.

Some people are more sensitive than others, but diet can have a huge impact on a person’s skin. Common triggers are dairy, sugar and processed foods.

We are familiar with the saying ‘you are what you eat’, and we know that certain food and drinks will make us feel healthy or sluggish. This sluggish feeling can affect our skin and cause break outs, dullness, skin blockages and even acne.

When we consult for acne concerns we will discuss possible dietary triggers. We give you a nutritional handout that offers information on the links between diet and acne. Each skin is different, but yours might be affected by your diet.

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