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Thread Lift- Your Non-Surgical Face Lift

Ladies and gentlemen, do you want instant lifting of the face, without going under the knife? Thread lifts are a popular treatment that help to restore youthful contours to the face, they are especially good for lifting the jowl area.

A thread lift procedure involves Dr Candler threading sutures, or deep stitches, into the face. He then applies just the right amount of tension to them to elevate the tissue, lifting and firming the area as he goes.

The sutures are re-absorbed into the skin over 3-6 months, which allows for new collagen growth in the area. This collagen gives a firming and thickening effect to the skin.

You will see immediate improvement on the day. Delicately the sutures are placed where they need to be, and the skin is then lifted as they are gently tweaked into position. Thread lifts are a fantastic option for treating skin laxity, especially in the jowl and cheek area.

A thread lift can be performed on its own, but we often recommend a thread lift in conjunction with laser treatments or injectables for a full face rejuvenation treatment.

Dr Candler can tailor a treatment program to your skin, helping you to achieve the results you desire. Click here to be directed to our Thread Lift page.

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  • Kerry

    Wondering how much it is for just a thread lift?

    • Wendy

      Hi Kerry,

      Our thread lifts vary in price, depending on how many pairs of threads are used.
      1 pair of threads costs $950.
      2 pairs of threads costs $1900
      3 pairs of threads costs $2500.

      The number of threads will depend on what you would like to achiee. If you want any further information about our Thread lifts, please schedule a consultation with Dr Candler.
      You can email us via our Contact Us page or call 4041 5770!

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