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Vampire Breast Lift: A cosmetic fad? Or here to stay?

We love the benefits of PRP for face and body skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and the management of joints. This popular cosmetic service is now being used as a treatment for a non-surgical breast lift.

Doctors in America are performing PRP breast lifts to enhance the look of the breast tissue. They say you will gain shapelier breasts with an improvement in sagging skin and wrinkles.

Over time it is natural that the skin of the breasts and inner chest will change – the effects of sun damage and general ageing mean that the skin will lose some of its elasticity, firmness and texture. By injecting the PRP serum back into the area, these signs of ageing can be addressed and improved. Along with PRP treatments we would recommend that you always wear SPF on the area to reduce the damaging effects of sun damage, use specialty creams to enhance the hydration of your chest skin and perhaps combine PRP with other treatments like IPL for pigment or filler for further firmness.

Is a PRP breast lift the right treatment for you? Come and speak to one of our doctors to find out more.


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