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VISIA. What Your Skin Really Needs

When we look at our skin in the mirror we are only able to see what lies on the surface. But the bulk of our skin is underneath this layer, making it invisible to the naked eye. How do we know what condition the rest of your skin is in? We use our VISIA diagnostic imaging tool. Our visia takes 3 photos of your face to cover all angles, and then analyses these images and allows us to assess not only the surface of your skin, but right down to the dermis.

We want to ensure you are using the right products at home, and having the right professional treatments. The best way for us to understand what your skin REALLY needs is to use our visia device. The images we take from the visia show us what state your skin is actually in. Scores for hydration, oil flow pore size, pigmentation, redness, texture and fine lines can be obtained.

From these scores we can correctly and precisely recommend to you what your skin really needs. We can also take visia images of your skin again, 3 – 6 months later, to assess the improvements and changes that we see.

Ageing gracefully is a natural process, but let us help you maintain your skin health at an optimal level. A consultation with our visia can be done in 30 minutes. Take the time to see what your skin really needs.

Want more information? Head to our Visia page.

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