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What can I do about my Pigmentation?

Have you noticed more freckles or brown blotches on your skin lately? Living in Far North Queensland means we get a lot of UV exposure and this leads to darkened pigmentation. We can treat your pigment using skin peels, lasers and IPL. You can treat facial pigment as well as brown spots anywhere on the body. We have doctors on site specialising in skin cancer detection so they can check you over first to make sure it is safe to treat you.

Depending on your skin type (dark or fair), and the type of pigment you present with, we can offer you several treatments to tackle your pigment. Our lasers and IPL are the most popular choice. These devices can fade pigment fast- in some cases you may only need 1 treatment. For more stubborn pigment, you may require on-going sessions.

Our skin peels are another option for pigment treatment. Our chemical peels are mild and so you will require a course of treatments for best effects. We often use glycolic acid peels for pigment, also giving your a smoother, brighter complexion.

The most important factor in pigmentation treatment is that you stay out of the sun and wear SPF 50 every day. Any UV exposure on unprotected skin will darken and spread your pigment. We can achieve great results for you! Come in today, have diagnostic photos taken and let us create a plan to improve your pigment for a clearer, more even skin tone.

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