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Your Acne Journey

We can help you manage your acne and work towards clear skin. Work with us and see the results that you can achieve when you find a treatment plan that is right for you.

Your acne journey starts here. Skin Alert pride themselves on helping patients combat their acne. Do you want blemish-free skin? Reduce pimples, redness and blackheads and work towards a smooth, clear complexion. This journey is possible when you combine the right treatments with the right products.

Acne affects millions of people of all ages and races world wide. It affects males and females but can be prevalent in teenagers and young adults. There are many factors that can contribute to someone having acne. Lifestyle, health, diet, age, hormones, stress and skin care regime can all greatly impact whether or not someone may acquire acne. So how do we manage it? A holistic approach, we believe, is best.

When you come to Skin Alert for an acne consult we will cleanse the skin. This is a perfect time for your dermal clinician to look at your skin but also feel your skin. From here we will take photos with our Visia diagnostic imaging tool. This allows us to see what is happening in your skin, both on the surface and underneath. We will assess inflammation, post-inflammatory pigmentation, scarring, active lesions, oil-flow, pore size, bacteria levels and hydration.

We will also talk to you about your skin. We want to understand you and your skin. What kind of life do you lead, what kind of food do you eat, is there a family history of acne, what have you done up to this point to try and manage your acne, and what skin care regime are you following at home. This is vital information for us to better understand your skin.

From here we can make informed recommendations about what treatments would benefit you and what products you should be using at home. To achieve the best results with acne you need the combination of professional treatments and prescribed home care.

We achieve fantastic results. We treat real people and manage their acne. Many of our patients regain their confidence when their acne diminishes. Let us help you with your acne journey.

Where to start?

Visit our dedicated acne page.

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